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Versatility: “Sometimes it’s in Blood and Sometimes You Have to Earn.”


Motherhood brings joys which we have either never felt before or long forgotten. My ‘GlowinGal’ has been chosen as a ‘Most Versatile Student’ in her very first year of the preschool. How do you think a Mom should feel? Yes- extremely happy and proud!

Last Sunday during the PTM, her class teacher congratulated me. Unaware, I looked puzzled. She too sustained the mystery and showed the wonderful class-work of ‘GlowinGal’. I was amazed.  “Has she done it all?” I keenly observed the ‘masterpieces’ her little hands have created.

I was lost in flashbacks of how my parents would have felt on my little achievements?

The teacher’s voice brought me back to present, “the achievers will be awarded on Christmas day and there’s news! Your children have shown what they are capable of. Now it’s your turn.”

I got interested, “What do you mean?”

“There will be competitions for parents and YOU are going to participate,” She chuckled.

I realized tough time is ahead. I am totally new to this parenting of a school going kid and I am quite prone to a mess. But I have to do it to make my gal proud. Though she may not realize my efforts now; I know she will, someday! Thinking of the dazzling future, I registered to the competition of Christmas-Tree decoration.

We all have sung ‘Jingle Bells…’ since childhood but singing a rhyme is one thing and participating in a real competition!!! I mean Christmas for me always meant- a visit to the cathedral church in the town to witness all the attractive ornamentation and click some pics, or wish merry Christmas to all. I lacked right information. Therefore, this under-informed-Mom went through a lot of literature followed by selective shopping. I also utilized my creative mind and made few things at home.

I gave my best but tell you the truth, I was damn nervous; more than ever. I don’t know why?

I didn’t have a remotest idea of the size of the tree, the school would provide! It would be original or artificial, No clue?

Finally the day arrived. After a lot of hard work, tons of hangings, heaps of wrapping and loads of patience…my ‘Christmas Tree’, succeeded in winning the hearts of judges, to an extent. Yeah, I became the first runner-up. Not bad!

Now, I am relieved. At-least now my daughter must be feeling proud of me (I guess). She showed me her award and I showed her mine! We did high-five and walked out of the school hand-in-hand. 🙂

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