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Travelling with Toddler

Jan 2016 139

I have always been quite fond of staying on wheels and seeing new places but motherhood temporarily applied breaks on this wandering spirit. And whenever I did endeavor, someone from the family had to stay along as a life savior. We went to places keeping the familiarity of toddler with the place and people in mind. But when she crossed the bar of 3 years, I felt somewhat confident that I can handle travelling, obviously not on my own but with the support of my equal half.

So we packed our bags and headed to a land of courage, ‘Rajasthan’ which included an overnight journey by train. I purposely booked the sleeper class thinking it will give chance to meet new and interesting people en route but truth is I don’t remember getting to know even a single person because all we were doing was entertain our one and only ‘GlowinGal’. She displayed diverse colours of her talent and we felt sort of hypnotized by her charisma. She sang songs and danced wholeheartedly in a moving train. When exhausted, she demanded something to eat and then again the show gained acceleration. She wasn’t taking the name of going to sleep and I was little concerned for the co-passengers. But they started applauding her. I was glad to see my daughter’s courage; she is not scared of crowd and strangers!

Before moving out of the home, the thoughtful mother i.e. I, packed lots of dry fruits, in case….But I forgot it’s a holiday for her as well and she must be looking for a change too. And yes, I was right! she almost shunned the packed nutrition and every time yearned for chips, candies and coke. (Things I never appreciate and provide but Mr ‘CoolHead’ is to be given credit for developing her taste).

Okay, it’s just a matter of 2-3 days”, I thought. Sensing my unwillingness, princess occasionally pleased me by eating from my plate as if saying ‘look mom, I am getting right nutrition!’Haha.

Travelling with a toddler continued to be fun until we decided to walk around the city and kid was like, “Goddi, goddi!” (It’s a Hindi word for picking up). I thought, I remembered that she is big enough to travel but forgot that she is also heavy enough! We tried to carry her turn by turn but man; the truth is…we got exhausted sooner than expected. Moreover it was not easy to look around while holding her. So we started playing smart parents.

“Baby. Look! All the kids are walking on their own, holding hands of their parents. Nobody’s getting a ride. See they are good kids. Be a good girl. Come on. Get down and walk!”

But children today are smarter than we think. Instead of crying or making a scene, she totally ignored what we said and clasped more firmly as if saying ‘if you are thinking of putting me down, think again!’

So after a lot of huffing, you either avoid such places where walking is the only option or look for an alternative. The outcome is that we ended up paying a lot of money to the unreasonable autowalas who didn’t hesitate asking for big bucks; they think we are fools!

Wait… nastiest is still to come! As we were moving through a huge classy monument, young one screamed, “I wanna poo!” That’s gross. After tossing a big bottle of coke down, this is what happens. We got panicky and hurriedly picked her up, commanding the father to locate a ‘loo’ immediately but ye kya! I smelled something. No baby! This isn’t happening….

I saw numerous non-parents walking carefree holding their fancy cameras, enjoying the milieu and there were these parents (we), running carefully holding their progeny, of course concerned, whether they will we make it to the loo or not?

Well, we made it.

Then there were times when the ‘GlowinGal’ got tired and she slept. I am telling you, it’s damn hard to move forward with a sleeping baby. We had to make and break plans according to her mood.

But I want to mention that whatever and however typical this trip was, she added the real ‘Glow’ to it. She posed perfectly for photographs. It was easy to stroll in the market and she never threw any tantrum in front of shops; we gave her one thing and she was contented for the entire day. Isn’t it amazing? She brilliantly adjusted to night journey and surprised me by not crying even when her sleep was disrupted, on disembarking the train at odd hours.

And you know what she said to her nanny after coming back home!

 “Jaipur mera hai, aap wahan nahi ja sakte, Samajhe! (Jaipur is mine, you cannot go there, understand!) 🙂


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