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Time flies” we all know it but how many times do we realize it?

Today, we celebrated the third birthday of my daughter. OMG!, she is a big girl now! It seems like yesterday; I was juggling between home, work and hospital. After deleting work from the list, I waited anxiously for the upcoming role on the cards. To be honest, I completely enjoyed the journey of a mother-to-be and God was, beyond kind until the ‘D-day’ when suddenly wind started blowing in opposite direction, determined to blow me along. Despite of the exceptional star-cast, splendid storyline and fine budget, the film didn’t end the way it should have been! A little negligence, some mismanagement and much overconfidence, resulted in a complete disaster.

But ‘Birth’, is miraculously awesome? When I saw my reflection right in front of me, I felt as if I am born …again; as a woman and…as a mother! That was the moment of, “I did it?!”(Question and exclamation, at the same time) and next followed by many more moments of, “I can do it!


As a first-time-mother, I struggled and made my way through this remarkable and memorable journey. I always wanted my daughter’s ‘firsts’, to be special which meant a lot of creativity, lot more patience and above all, the right timing. I am not broadcasting that it was a hundred percent success but my performance was no less than appreciable. In the series came, her “First Birthday”, which had to be special and it was, indeed (Double gala celebration). I can still visualize that glamorous soiree musicale; bunch of some special folks who danced till the last tune, joined audaciously by me. The wing-ding culminated with delicious food and extended promenade.


However her “second birthday”, with just a handful of people, was rather a more personal affair sans music, with a lot of chit-chat, random snapshots and a delightful feast. Most important, a mother had great stress-free time.

oct 2014 046

On her third birthday, I thought of being considerate and called a few children of her age, so that they can have fun together, which they surely had but costing me what – I just lost my cool a few times (oops!); and yelled sometimes.

sept 15 067

One thing is sure; my daughter is no ‘saint’ when it comes to deal with her friends. She keeps bossing around and if a soul resists or tries to escapes the torment; she uses all her might ranging from anger to tears. When these children team-up, I have to be really vigilant; be a watchdog to my mingling and not-so-mingling authoritarian offspring’s doings! 😉

sept 15 108

A mother’s job is extremely demanding but thank-goodness, there is, ‘the father’ for alleviation. It is only because of him that I managed to click ‘some pics’, amid this pervasive insanity. On her birthday, my daughter had crazy time with kids. Once they were done with the eatables, there was a feel of torpor; all the boisterousness was gone. Completely exhausted, little bunny searched for mamma while rubbing her eyes. So, it was time to sleep that’s why the ‘tiny monster’ transformed into a cuddling cute ‘teddy bear’. Leaving me aghast, she started her journey to dreamland, with an unexplained satisfaction and a ‘million dollar smile’, on face.

I couldn’t stop myself and kissed her forehead…and said…“Goodnight angel…MAMMA LOVES YOU” 🙂 .


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