May Day

To be a parent just ‘good enough’ seems like an impossible task.

Dealing with a bossy, grouchy, altogether difficult-to-handle kid these days, and trying to figure out the ways to keep things cool.

On the kid’s part, there are a lot of changes going on;

Homework used to be fun earlier; it’s becoming burden.😶

Doremon is closer to heart than dear mom!🤔

Whatever she thinks is final; mom’s opinion has no strength in front of her what so ever!😮

Either you agree or be ready for a big tantarum!🙊

If you try to tell the diffrence between right and wrong; you are not audible!🙉

And if you choose to keep mum; you don’t love her, you don’t care about your daughter you see!🙈

(Gosh, you don’t even have the right to say nothing!)😯😯

So currently sitting on the Park bench, watching the bubbly kids busy in their own world, and my ‘Glowingal’ is shining like Snow in fresh Sun.

So here is my new venture…to visit the park every evening after a long tiring day, in the hope of soothing the tiny energetic mind or 

the tense nerves of mine!😉😉


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  1. Oh I hope visiting the park is helping Mann. I remember how difficult it could be in their early years. The moods and tantrums, but it will all pass my dear. The years pass astonishingly quick. Take care.

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