It’s An Egg Thing!😁😁

So me and Snow, we are going through our daily night ritual of reading a bed time story. It was about an ant who fells in a stream and a dove who helps her in getting out.Everything was going fine until she puts up a question interrupting my flow,

She: Mamma, how do the ant baby look like?

Me: They are like mini ants honey.

She: And how they are born?

Me: Well…just like human baby is born.

She (without listening what I said): One day on TV I saw a cicada, it shed tears and they became its eggs.


She: Yeah. Do the ants do the same????

Me: hmmm…I don’t have an idea!

She: Mamma. You teach Zoology and you don’t know this!!!!!

She is five, and she knows what I am supposed to know!!!!😂😂⛄

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    1. Haha…and I did tell her that Little ants too have bums. This is where the eggs come out.😁😁
      She: no, no body does that!!!!
      Me: Hen does.🤗🤗
      That’s how she got convinced.🤔🤔

  1. Kids….. That’s their main strength….. They do not mince their words and speak their mind out.. and yes they are very knowledgeable for their age…

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