Goofy Moments For Parents

My GlowinGal is getting choosy day-by-day and it’s becoming tough for ‘this’ Mum to please her taste buds.

The other night, she said, “Mom my friend brought bread and butter in her Tiffin, why don’t you ever pack something like that?

I was ready with the answer, “That’s because your ma’am told all the parents to never miss packing vegetables and fruits in the lunch box! And as you say that Ma’am is always right, I just do what she says!”

“Don’t worry about her. Tomorrow, pack me Bread and Butter only!” She demanded.

I said, “Fine. I’ll do that.”

But being a fine follower of the rules, I fulfilled her half wish and made her sandwiches. I was happy. 🙂

Her father picked her up after the school and enquired about her finishing the lunch!

She was like, “I ate only three (out of four). Listen Papa, Mamma doesn’t make good lunch! Next time you make my type of sandwich, okay!”

Hearing all this, I could only say “Really!”


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      1. Oh yeah, indeed. It gets really difficult to blog everyday. Atleast I m struggling to post daily for A to Z challenge. Need time and peace to write so much. 😛
        I return from work at 10. Barely get time for myself. :/

        1. Yes I noticed. You are doing great job. I didn’t even dare to take this challenge.
          Oh Dear! 10 is too late. I salute you for such amazing time management.

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