It's Raining Slugs

Right now, it’s raining outside. Without any question, I love rains…the sound of it…Oh it’s just marvellous!

But it’s not just water that these rains bring; there are some undesired guests who accompany it and make appearances almost everywhere! They don’t let you sit and enjoy the moment.I don’t hate’em, but surely, I don’t like’em either. 

Forgive me, but I don’t like these slimy things wriggling anywhere and everywhere. And at times they even make their way to crawl on your body…that feeling….eww!!!!

The zoologist in me sometimes shakes me, ‘hello! These are just helpless tiny sluggishly struggling molluscans with no wisdom like humans. Leave them alone!

And I am like,’I would love to but seems they love my company more! ‘ 

Today morning I stepped outside in a hurry as it started raining all of a sudden, and I paused for a moment cause I heard a sound “carrrrrrack”, and I was like holy shit! It can’t be this! 

But unfortunately it was. I feel bad for the snail but what would I do?

It got partially injured.I didn’t have the heart to give it first aid.So I left it on God’s mercy, only to discover this later on…

What on earth is this?
Do snails too show social behaviour?

I never read that! 

Are they tending the injured or is it some illustration of canibalism!!!

I don’t know and I’ll have to wait to see that!🤔🤔🤔

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    1. Well…these creepy things do manage such things😶😶
      For example I am busy typing you a reply while sitting in my garden, and as I push send I notice…it’s on my feet!!!!!

  1.’s a wonderful observation you made on their social behavior
    You must have really hurt on partially killing it..hmm…what can we do

    1. Yes I did!
      On one hand Nature gave them nothing for protection, and to top it, they are given the slowest speed in the world. How would poor creature save itself?😥😥

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