Is there a 'Life' after 'Life'?

Have you ever thought what happens to us after we take leave from this world?

Where do we go?

Is death, the end of our journey or is it just the beginning?

We sleep over these questions every night and wake up again to be normal but what about the answers???

Many say, “Only body dies, the soul leaves for another life….”

I don’t know if it’s right or not! What I know is; Few days back, I planned a field-trip for my junior students where they had a rendezvous with diverse flora and fauna. They were really excited about it and enthusiastically volunteered for sample collection as well.

Back in the lab they disclosed, “Ma’am, we have captured something! Tell us what this radiant creature is?”


Seeing their interest, I said, “Just put it in a beaker and cover that with of a cloth.”

Not getting the answer, the students reluctantly followed the instructions.

Two days later a student energetically entered the lab and went straight to the beaker and shouted,

“Oh my God, it’s dead!”

Everyone else ran to the spot only to witness the struggle of ‘the’ creature for it had climbed up the wall of the beaker and  became motionless and changed to a lifeless thing.


Ma’am, did it die because we didn’t provide it enough food?”

Possibly!” I tried to be ignoramus.

So, from that day onwards, the ‘adventure’ ended for them and they got busy in their routine tests. During one of mine, I was strolling around the rows and happened to cross the beaker.

“God! I screamed. All the students turned heads to get a clue. I couldn’t contain the joy and signalled them to come over and see themselves.

All stand there with immense amazement on the faces; eyes and mouth wide open.

“Voilà! It’s a butterfly!”


The happiness on their faces was unmatched. Now was the time to explain this magical transformation or process of Metamorphosis’ which changes a crawler to flier and the students got illuminated.

What about us. Are we illuminated?

We illusion the death as the end of everything,


in reality, this is just the beginning…

of a new wonderful, beautiful and free journey….DSC01507

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  1. Wow. That is the biggest caterpillar that I’ve even. Incredible and an incredible story and very well written I might add.
    I believe in life after death and I could tell you a very personal story but this is not the place and you would probably think that I’m crazy and then I’d lose a friend and that I don’t want to do. Just take my word for it, life after death is real.

  2. I’m certain this was an amazing experience for the children. To be honest, it would be an amazing experience for anyone that values the sanctity of life. This was a beautiful post.

      1. I agree but sometimes the life we have now is so dreadful, you almost wish for death…and this is coming from a former medic, who used to reprimand silly little girls who took a bottle of ibuprofen because their boyfriend didn’t call them. I told them that I could show them hundreds of people who would give everything they had….to have the life that they were trying to throw away. Sad but true.

        1. well that’s a phase of life…those who understand come out vistorious others perish…Not all the cocoon end up in beautifully in a butterfly…There is one lying in my lab…quiescent…Nothing came out of that and we have no hope either.

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