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Frozen Memories (II)

[Sometimes emotions drag a post too long that’s why I have to divide it in two parts. I wish to share my frozen memories with you guys and I want that you go till the end. Not just click the like button and move on. So, those who missed initial part, click Frozen memories (I)

and then continue…


…Snow time would bring a different kind of holidaying. The electricity would stay disrupted for days and the phone lines wouldn’t work. The temperature outside used to be very low and if anything containing water, is left outside overnight, the surface water would freeze. There used to be race to own the natural glasses so formed and I used to think ‘how amazing ‘Nature’ is!’

There would be no scarcity of water. Go outside, collect some fresh fallen snow from the roof and put it in a pot kept over hearth and  Ta-Da! Warm water, is ready for every household chore.

Once the magic called ‘Snow’ was enjoyed to the max, after-days would be spent with the family by savouring myriad delicacies, playing indoor games, and occasional outings to bid farewell to melting snow.


I can hear a crunchy sound, even right now, in my ears which was produced after intentionally stepping on the left over snow patches under the trees or on the straw.

I don’t exactly remember how young I was then but what I know is that papa would clean the snow from door to the main street, and some sort of ‘gully’ would be formed, and when I  walked through that gully, I couldn’t see anything! This means either I was really small or it used to snow really huge, at that time.


But Gradually, year by year, things changed. Now the ‘Sigri’ is replaced by heaters and blowers; hearths by Gas/electricity appliances. No one wishes to take unnecessary pain when they can afford luxury. Every room has personal lavishness.

Good! It shows our Nation is undergoing development.

Bad! No more real automatic fun! People do gather on occasions but fun part has to be added, voluntarily.

Moreover, it doesn’t snow like that any more! Even if it does, stays for brief time period.

The environmental conditions of my place altered supposedly after the installation of a cement factory in the vicinity. There are scanty rains and negligible snow-fall.

At larger level, the winter of this year, is supposed to be abnormal one with a raised night temperature. Everyone says it’s because of ‘Global warming’ caused supposedly by the over indulgence in such and many more luxuries, and is a return-gift of ‘Developing’ too much, from the creator (Nature).

Initially, Man survived the absence of such luxuries; he lived in harmony with nature.

Then, Nature stayed where it was; Man moved on. He progressed and made his life comfortable, well…at the cost of Nature.

Now, It’s a war between the creator (Nature) and creation (Man).

It’s payback time.

Global warming is a serious problem. We all read and hear about it, every now and then, and show some momentary concern also but it is today that I realized one more thing about Global Warming, “it is also capable of melting down your frozen childhood memories and strip any chance to relive them.

I feel pity for the next generation for their chance of experiencing the joy of ‘Snow’ that we used to have, is evaporating in to oblivion….



  • Parveen Sabharwal

    I can feel the warmth of Sigri while going through your post . Every word seems to have come from the bottom of your heart and hope the snow heart in your hands remain intact for ever. Love you dear

  • Sha'Tara

    I bit of travel down memory lane for me, but our winter cold was down into the fifty below zero F. (whatever that is in C) and our snow did not stick! It was too cold to snow much in winter, but snow we had… for six months of the year. We were glad to see it go. I don’t miss it at all and even the little it snows here, in the Lower Mainland of BC, Canada, it’s still too much. Long winters bear much misery with them; much hard work hauling wood and feed for the cattle and much pain from frozen toes, fingers, noses and cheeks. But yes, there were some good times too. We had Chinooks, when a warm wind from the Pacific would blow through the mountains and passing through, raise temperatures high enough to melt all the snow, leaving the fields covered in shallow water that immediately froze over making miles and miles of skating rinks sometimes lasting all winter. Of course, that ice once covered in snow became a terrible hazard for people and animals slipping in it. Many broken limbs, and one friend dead from his horse he was riding slipping on hidden ice, sending him flying onto the ice, killing him instantly. As you say, nature. I enjoyed your own trip down memory lane.

    • Mann Kaundal

      Thank you so much for being there with me in a journey down the memory lane….
      Too much of everything is bad whether its snow or rains or dry spell. I can understand why people in Northern hemisphere are not much fond of Snow; they have it plenty (actually more). So its understandable to wish for it to just GO.
      I have read British Columbia is very beautiful and quite occupied for its milder winters.
      It only snows in Northern part of our country. But slowly the snow line is going up and people (Tourists) have to feel contented only with the views of far far situated glaciers.

  • mopana

    Reading your story, I realized I had to create my own memories. Because, as you said, nobody knows what will be in a few years. Global warming really is a big problem. I know from my father that, when he was a child, snow was much more. Not like now. 🙁

  • lisamariagardiner

    Wonderful memories x as an adult I fondly say “it always snowed at Christmas when I was a child” it actually didn’t. But one Christmas eve it did – and it was beautiful and magical – I think that memory is so lodged in my mind that I now believe it happened ever year x

  • Miriam

    A thought provoking, warm and heartfelt post. Even here in Australia we are experiencing the effects of global warming with bizarre weather patterns in our various states. I pray that our next generations will still feel the magic of snow. Thank you so much for sharing your winter memories.

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