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A Day In The Life Of A Blogger

Life is a journey…and so is blogging; longer or shorter, not in our hand; Sweeter or bitter, depends on us…How much we let adversities affect us, and in what way?

People come, and people go; The two somehow manage to remain in orbit, and keep revolving around the ‘creation’, of new…forms or content, without stopping for anyone!

Both have the elements of oneness (when you think how small the world is, and you are quite in charge); and unpredictability (when you don’t understand what’s going on and why? Trying to figure out the purpose of everything…) but do you stop living, or blogging, for that matter?

No you don’t! Not atleast, if you are a true fighter. You just continue the momentum cause you know the truth…the truth that your journey is yours only, it is no one else’s business or interest if I may say; it is not supposed to be! It is as ‘important’ and ‘unique’ as YOU are to the world.

You are definitely going to stumble time and again in life, and in blogging, and then you are going to look around in a hope to see some hands reaching out to you, to help you, to support you, and if fortune is favourable, you may see a few, for sure.

Don’t be afraid if you see none, for you definitely are going to get closer to those well deserved ‘aha‘ moments…a…lony or with a Co…lony. And when this happens, the joy, the satisfaction, the reward, will be beyond this world.

No one can understand someone else’s journey…so be thankful for the ones who atleast try to be a part of it, however brief…and bless those who take joy from a distance… it’s fine; may be they just don’t understand…or they might be focussing more on their own voyage.

Believe…and be positive; it’s imperative to Live and Blog.

Mann 💓

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