Zodiac Discrimination,They Call It !!!😮😮😮

I just read an interesting news…

The Chinese youth are finding western astrology more accurate as compared to their age old native fortune telling technique, and amusing enough, they are using Zodiac signs as one of the tools for hiring purpose. 😬😬😬

 Not bad…haan…at least for me, in case I plan to migrate there!😉😉

I am a Virgo, and, is there need to tell that Virgo like it ‘PERFECT’ all the way. So my future is like really bright in China. Why would someone take the risk to loose a PERFECTIONIST???? 🤓🤓🤓

I know…I know…lots of Virgo on Earth! Do not loose hope and by the way, you are already one competitor down here… cause I am not in a mood to leave my present niche, at least for now. 😁😁😁

Go, use yours stars and make a fortune y’all. 👦👩

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      1. Isn’t there something Biblical about the 12 Tribes? Maybe that is how the 12 Tribes were divided? I don’t take a great stock in Zodiac. There are four girls in my family two born in April (One Taurus and one Aries I think) and two born in July that are both Cancer…and we are the four most different people you could ever meet. LOL.

        1. You know in India we do have our method…as soon as a child is born, a kind of celestial chart is made by knowledgeable people and prediction s are made on that basis…we believe in it sometimes especially the elders, when the life is giving a tough time…right or wrong…no idea but yes it is part of the culture and it is on. As far as sunsigns are concerned, I enjoy reading the daily predictions but rarely take them seriously.

  1. A chart that is created for that exact child at that exact time of birth would have more meaning than a group of days within a group of months that is a blanket for all of the people born in that time range.

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