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Will Mosquito get Noble???

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It is again that time of the year…time for the announcement of the winners of the world’s most prestigious award, the ‘Nobel Prize’! Just yesterday, I read that this year’s Nobel Prize for Medicine goes to, Irish-born William C Campbell and Japanese Satoshi Omura, for their work on Elephantiasis and River blindness jointly shared with Chinese scientist Youyou Tu, who cured Malaria with traditional Chinese medicine. Congratulations to all the Veterans! You saved humanity from such dreadful diseases.

But one thing that few may have noticed, ‘someone’ attained stardom overnight! Yeah, you guessed it right! Our very own, humming and piercing buddy, ‘Mosquito’. This tiny insect is definitely giving us tough time. On top of that it has many species, so if one fails to trouble us, the other comes to assist or substitute.

Malaria causing mosquito i.e. Anopheles, has been a nuisance for long in India, a country which has suitable climatic conditions for the mosquito boom. Even now, northern part of my country is fighting a mosquito menace in the form of ‘Dengue’. Many lives lost, still people take mosquito bites very lightly and believe that the Dengue mosquito is different from the one spreading malaria. True but what they don’t realize is that both of them bite and suck our blood in the very same way and they are going to end up nowhere but in the hospital. So better be careful.

One day I was discussing malaria in my class and the students smirked when I said that male mosquito has nothing to do with the disease spread, it is actually the ‘female’ who bothers us (Oh! Women empowerment seems to be universal, isn’t it?). Since female mosquito is the basis of Nobel Prize in the year 2015, it has already become a ‘celebrity’ and who knows, this ‘Nobel’ honour may do a mind change and make it ‘Noble’… and it may start living in harmony with us!

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