It's Not Fair Square 😤😤

If we talk about shapes, which ‘shape’ most people like????
You would say, ’36-24-36’😉😉. Caught you humming...I am in love with the shape of you….😍😍😍

Hello, Take a break! 🤗🤗

Firstly,  it’s practically impossible for all to have it 😮😮, as simple as that! and secondly, even those of you already having it, are you comfortable carrying the loads????

What a task! 😯😯

Oh I am sorry, I kind of deviated from my point. Coming back to today’s rant…My Glowingal got a homework today. She was to paste pictures of triangular shapes in her notebook. Sounds easy no! 

And to be on safer side I have kept many of her pre and nursery picture books handy for such emergent situations. I flipped through all of them only to end up with shrunk eyebrows and heavy breath. 

These publishers totally forgot to put triangles in there!!!!😮😮😮

What a pity! I never thought triangle is so rare!🤔🤔

I mean look at our bollywood movies; noone can do without it; there’s always a triangle…the love triangle! 😮😮

Anyways, I found it one of the most tedious job to finish the homework of a kindergarten kid!!!

So people don’t ask questions like what I do in the evenings or why don’t I call? You see, I am busy like hell, poking my head in to myriad such tiny but stupifying businesses.

And know for always… that out of various shapes, square and ractangle are actaully the darlings of masses; the most sought after shapes. 

See anywhere for yourself, incase you doubt me!

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  1. The things we take for granted, the things other people do, and we don’t know. And, the things we do see, but really never notice.

  2. Mann.. what a humorous way to start a post…😂..but yes, accept your shape whatever it is 💪
    Then on your stupefying business, yeah…sometimes, we will never get the intended picture…I too struggled a lot…

    1. Thank you Dear Akhila…I was trying to be funny here 🤓🤓. You do have kids? And I am glad I am not the only one 😁😁.

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