One Drink Can Change Your Life… #superbloggerchallenge2018

The one best thing that I have done in my life, and, of which I am very proud- is ‘drinking’. It’s been around 10 years, and I have no shame in revealing that I am addicted to it!


‘Drinking’ is seen with ‘bulging’ eyes as far as the middle class mentality goes. Am I wrong? Reason is clear- people fear and know that the moment it gets into your stomach, self-control goes out of the window. Haven’t we seen the sufferings-be it personal, official, or social, because of drinking? Of Course, we have. What to speak of the health disasters! Aren’t we aware? Of Course we are. Still, somehow, the habit is impossible to give up…Right!


Okay…I hope, you have guessed that I have been talking about alcohol in the above lines. But did I ever mention the word ‘alcohol’ ? No, I didn’t! Even then it was obvious what I was talking about. That’s the power of a ‘word’.

Drinking, as a word, is mostly synonymous to alcohol. But what if I say there are more important types of ‘drinking’ that actually need a place above alcohol in the hierarchy!
We know our body is 70% fluids, and we need liquids to maintain that level in order for it to behave normal. Alcohol, on the other hand is diuretic– it forces body to lose water. So in simple terms, we are actually dehydrating ourselves more while supposedly ‘drinking’! We are putting our body under unnecessary stress! Aren’t we? Therefore, doesn’t ‘drinking’ seem like a misnomer here?


Let’s talk about some ‘RealΒ Drinking

Yes, the kind that is actually good!

Shouldn’t we help our body in least possible ways by giving it what it needs, not stripping away what it has?

Yes. We can do that.

It’s simple. Hydrate yourself. Drink enough water. Make yourself a drink, the first thing in the morning. A steaming hot glass of water, and sip it in your balcony like, you know, no one else in the world exists- it’s just you, your drink and the gorgeous morning. Believe me, it is one of the best things you can do to your precious body. I have been practicing this for years now, and the habit will go down with me only.

The second best thing that I do for my body is mentioned in opening lines of the post. Yes, I was not talking about drinking alcohol but the very refreshing, rejuvenating mug of Green Tea! What were you thinking? Sorry to disappoint you but I love myself. I can’t give in to the momentary pleasure of the booze, and therefore, have willingly chosen to be a teatotaler.

Green Tea is Good Drinking

Over the years I have tried many brands of green tea. My favourite till date is the Peach flavour by Golden Tips. It’s simply divine. Currently, I have Chamomile, its really soothing and the habit of this kind of ‘drinking‘ is ‘satisfying‘ in real sense. You know that you are doing one thing right. It’s not that I can’t live a day without it but I crave sipping my green nectar like anything.

This is how I make my tea

Let the water boil in a pan, add tea leaves, and turn off the flame at once. Cover it for a few minutes. Let it infuse. Pour in the cup, add little pinch of sweetener (sugar or honey), and there…my magical potion of the day is ready!

I know, Addiction is bad, but some addiction are worth dying for. I am a staunch Green Tea lover, and no one can defy that!

Cheers to A Good Step Towards Good Health.β˜•

Mann πŸ’“

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    1. I delibrately did it😝😝
      I just wonder what my people on fb would think cause most of them just read first para and don’t bother to open the complete post…πŸ€”

  1. Yes, I too love green tea. I take quite a bit of medication and have to drink a lot of water to get the toxins out of the body. You are right the word “drinking” has become synonymous with drinking alcohol.

  2. Aah.. Drinking is really always get associated with alcohol. Its really nice that you are able to continue having hot water in the morning. I often skip in rush of office. But your post has again motivated me. ThanksπŸ˜ƒ

  3. Humour always adds up the required spice to the post, thereby flaring it up powerfully & having an impact on the reader. Well constructed post.

  4. I have tried to make a taste for green tea so as to inculcate a good habit but it feels like a saza (punishment) after few days . Suggest some really gud flavours

    1. I would say use less amount of leaves…that way you can avoid the bitterness. Don’t boil the leaves.infuse. Golden tips have huge collection. You can buy online. As I said my favourite is Peach grean tea.😊

  5. Love the beginning of your post, I am also a green tea lover and always feel great to have a warm cup of basil green tea, it gives me instant energy. had a great time while reading your post #Superbloggerchallenge2018

  6. Ginger is refreshing in itself…
    actually NO tea is bad if taken in moderation, the problem lies in the way how we make it. The whole process of boiling it so much destroys the good things that tea leaves offer.

  7. I love tea but it did take me a while to switch from my Masala chai to green tea. Early mornings I have honey and lemon in warm water though, since many years.

    1. I can understand. You know I am one of those persons whom if somebody visits, I out of some reflex end up offering them green tea!!! Some people don’t like the taste (or rather lack of taste) of it or let’s say don’t want to switch with the nose pleasing fragrance of masala tea.
      It takes time to get used to.😊

  8. I was hooked on the read from the beginning! I was thinking ‘she’s bold to write about loving her drinks’☻.. but it was pleasant to find that we are both tea lovers. I love my green tea and chai on any given day ❀❀❀

    1. That was done on purpose πŸ€“πŸ€“ and I got good results for thatπŸ‘. Sipping my daily potion as I reply you.β˜•

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