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Rope More Hope


“HOPE”, as wonderful word as it sounds!

Hope keeps us going through every thick and thin. When everything is in place, Hope gives us the patience to enjoy it and a wish that it may last for more than our expectation.

Even when every thing’s over, hope gives us something to look forward to; to work in the direction to set new goals and achieve the previous ones.

We go to sleep every night because there’s a hope that a tomorrow will arrive where we can do better than yesterday. But for that we’ll have to wake up. Hope is what lets us go to sleep worriless.

While suffering becomes endurable, hope tells us not to give in or give up. God would never give pain which we couldn’t endure. Just hang on-this phase will pass. There will be a new morning; a painless dawn.

Ever witnessed HOPE?

In the eyes of a farmer, looking towards heavens and his cracking land;

In the eyes of a beggar, looking greedily on your plate;

In the eyes of a performer, for applause at the end of a performance;

In the eyes of a child, complaining about something;

In the eyes of a bride, scanning her new house for the first time;

In the eyes of a commuter, looking to secure a seat;

In the eyes of students, going through the question paper;

In the eyes of a teacher, explaining something to the students and expecting they understand every single word;

And, in the eyes of parents, while sending their children away.

I bet you have seen it and I hope you felt it too.

HOPE is there that’s the reason LIFE is there. So let the HOPE stay.

By the way, who’s in the hurry for the LIFE to end?

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The Function of Hope: Leadership and Transition


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