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Aiming Happiness


You must have seen people working for their happiness; even companies making it a point to keep the happiness quotient of their employees, high, But have you heard of a country or a city trying hard to ascertain if its citizen are ‘Happy’ or not?

I don’t know what your answer is but I just read it today and ‘Dubai’ is one such place on Earth which has fixed a very unique type of aim, “To Be A Happy City” and “To come in the top 10 happiest cities of the world by 2021!” Important : They are working for happiness and not just wishing it to happen by itself.

To achieve this aim the local administration has started a survey to know public opinion on various services being provided to them.

All you have to do is click on the image showing how you feel!

For example

if you are happy click smiley-face-thumbs-up-thank-you-LcKd8appi

If you are not happy click angry-thumbs-down-smiley-emoticon

If neutral click blank line —————–

Police keeps tweeting, “Your security is our happiness.” And if you are not happy, they select the messages of the unhappy lot and try to find out the reason and if the problem comes under their jurisdiction, they solve it otherwise the issue is shifted to their respective department.

All the Govt. employees have been given tablets so that public can provide immediate feedback.

It was reported that first day recorded more than 2 lakh feedbacks in which 84% citizen were found to be happy, 10% were not happy and remaining 6% showed neutral response.

Moreover, ranking of municipal office for customer services has also been initiated with a provision of 2-7 stars.

If everyone works genuinely, I won’t be surprised if Dubai tops the list and become the happiest city in the world. It is the first step which is always hard and once you gather courage to put it forth, half the job is already done. Kudos to Dubai!

Rightly said:

 “To Make Us Love Our Country, Our Country Ought To Be Lovely.”-Edmund Burke.

Dear ‘Readers’, I am curious to know ‘how lovely your country or city is?’ Do share the love and spread happiness.

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