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    For A ‘Change’ Only

    Its Monday folks! The worst day of the week you bet, where I am always running late in the morning for everything. The Fun day (Sunday) makes me so sluggish that it has become a habit to forget one or a few things at home and repent later. But this Monday, I am in no hurry as you can see; I am writing! 🙂 Thanks to Pt Nehru, our first Prime minister; it’s his birthday today and our country celebrates it as ‘Children’s Day’ which is really cool. Why? Come on, we all have our days, don’t we? So first of all, here’s me wishing every kid over there, a…

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    We Are Friends For…I don’t know how long! But If You Stay, I’ll Say… Forever !

    Friends are the siblings born to different parents, I have heard! Last evening while roaming on the terrace, and alongside watching my daughter (soon-to-be-four) play with a boy from neighbourhood, I had to face an amusing situation. They were playing with toy cars, talking, giggling, rolling on the floor, and having great time. Suddenly my ‘GlowinGal’ took a pause, and came running to me, “Ma…Ma, I want to marry Namit?” I was not expecting it, so, avoiding an exaggeration, I said, “Okay”. And off see went. After that, leaving all the toys aside, the two started assembling wooden pieces and piling them up in some pattern known only to them. “What’s going…

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    If Pears Can Be Red, Why The Crows Should Remain Black??

    It was a mother-daughter story-session and ‘Glowingal’ was gladly telling me the story of a Crow who was very unhappy with his colour. When he saw a Swan swimming in a serene lake, displaying his glorious white plumage, the crow got desperate. Thinking, it might be the result of a daily swim in the lake, he too started taking bath and would spend hours rubbing his body against the mud. Neither his colour nor his determination faded, instead, he felt sick and died. She made sure I hear the Moral , “You can change habits not the Nature.” I was thinking, How unfair of Nature! Then another day, we received a…

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    Offline Is Cumbersome. Does Online Look Handsome?

    World is fast changing, and so are our ways of shopping! Who has the time and spirit to move from shop to shop in search of something different? Even if someone does, who likes the first question that the salesman puts straight on your face, “Ma’am, What do you want?” I mean come on! Sometimes we just don’t know what we actually want; we are just hunting! 😉 Suppose, this is one of those days when you know what you are after. There you are, scanning the entire paraphernalia with a tight pout and shrivelled eyebrows, immediately, the next question follows, “what ‘exactly’ are you looking for?” You feel like…

  • Humour

    Am I famous?

    Running from a roasting Sun, and stricken by a bad tummy-ache, I heaved a sigh of relief as I made myself seated in a vacant sun-bathing bus. To my surprise, a voice entered my right ear from nowhere, Ma’am, can you shift the bag please? A tall, somewhat dark, and fairly handsome guy was pleading on my right. I scanned the bus in a jiffy and wondered ‘why doesn’t he go and sit somewhere else’! But I don’t know why, I picked the bag with the left hand (as my right hand was busy holding the aching tummy) and he joined me. The pain was simply sucking life out of me,…

  • Empowerment,  Humour

    Sometimes ‘Fooling’ Does The Trick ;)

      Planet Earth is so diverse, and so is ‘human nature’- So variable; so unpredictable. But right now what I am talking about is, two kind of people- First kind is, who believe in ‘not’ creating any problem, therefore focus on their own work sincerely. Then there’s another kind, who feel no disgrace in troubling others. These ‘trouble-makers’ are big nuisance for any society. For example, in a team, you may have the most sincere members and at the same time there are a few who are mere annoyance to everyone else. If you give the command of the team to the most deserving member, I bet, you won’t ever…

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    Love Check!!

    “It’s 46°C Outside,” wonders Mr CoolHead. “Are you sure you wanna do it?” “More than anything,” I reply with confidence. “What is it that you are dying to shop,” He continues. “Are you coming?” I look in his eyes. “I never said ‘No’. Thing is, it’s too hot out there,” He tries to clarify. “Even this killing heat won’t scare me today,” I am so determined. Any Mother would be. Just imagine a situation when you are spending happy fun time with your darling daughter; Just the two of you. You suddenly feel like hearing some good admiring words (obviously in your praise). So you start the conversation: “Love you…

  • Humour

    Want to read something good about yourself!

    The other day, I came across this interesting link on Facebook. Everyone was sharing it. So I gave a try  and it felt grrrrrt. http://english.ewipow.com However, if you try it more than once, it changes its opinion. Who care! Good thing is, You still get to read only good stuff about you 🙂 and you are like…Yeah, that’s Me! Here’s the second version: So Yes…Now you know me better. 🙂

  • Humour

    When Your Body Parts Stop Minding Their Business!!

    There are some involuntary ‘movements’ in life when your body just refused to obey and you find yourself in an utterly embarrassing situation (if not life threatening). Can you think of any right now? Let me help… You have a very important face to face meeting with a person of repute. Just before entering the room your eyelid starts flickering, badly. You are in a logjam. If you look up, it is going to give bad impression; If you avoid looking straight, you are not confident! All you are thinking is…is it going to flutter now or… now? It doesn’t stop until you are out of the room! A sacred ritual…

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    Nutty Gutty Parenting

      I was out to attend a family function with ‘Mr CoolHead’ and My ‘GlowinGal’. Every moment was enormously joyful and memorable. I want to remember some nutty parenting moments that may bury under the layers of time and for that I trust this blog more than my own memory. Moreover Sharing brings ultimate JOY.  Even right now, I am having a big smile while putting my words on this blank page. We all agree that children are cute and adorable but sometimes they become a big pain in the bum. How do you handle the situation? Of course, you pose like a perfectly calm parent, pretending as if nothing…