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Why Oriental Afterglow?

The Story Of Oriental AfterGlow


Have you ever felt like you are born ordinary, just to be a ‘filler’ in this world with no big purpose at all?

I have.

Then I grew up, saw some real world, a bit closely, and understood a fact.

“No one is ordinary, as each one of carries the wisdom of our own unique path,” 

I started exploring my existence.

I come from a place where Spring (Basant) is synonymous with the yellow (Basanti) vista of Mustard blossoms! Winters are not deadly and warmth of day sun or a seat next to fire-place is more than enough to make do. Where Summers are breezy not squeezy, and Monsoons instead of clogging, rejuvenate the soil and soul.

‘How many people on Earth get a chance to live in such serene and surreal environs of the mountains?’

Certainly not Many! They may have other great things. But does that make my blessing any lesser?

Being born and brought up in outer Himalayas (Not in caves, if someone is curious! ), as a child, I have rolled in pollution-free dirt, slid over natural grasslands, jumped in sparkling water of natural streams in neighbourhood, pursued tiny fishes and bottled them up, and watched them wide-eyed twirling around. I was in touch with Nature on daily basis.  I remember climbing trees effortlessly, gullying and lying low for hours in fields, and it is impossible to forget that breathless yet enthused scaling to hill tops only to witness AfterGlow-the stunning hues of sky during the setting of Sun. Nature was integral part of life back then. Like today, there was no need to arrange special outings to be near it!

In addition to that sky born AfterGlow, all the memories of Childhood are deeply engraved in my soul, keep glowing, and warming my heart and soul, never letting the child in me die. That’s the reason I could not find any other name for my blog.

At ‘OrientalAfterGlow’ I’ll be sharing my experiences as I see them. For you, It is a portal to peek into the life on this side of Globe while sitting in the comfort of your homes; the places (Natural or Man made), the people, the culture, the customs etc. through my words, my eyes, and obviously my experiences.

Welcome to a journey to the Oriental realm.

*This blog is open for reviews. If you wish to get your product (Book, Property, or cosmetics) featured on orientalafterglow.com. Drop me an email at mann@orientalafterglow.com.



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